….Robert, a self-taught artist was born in 1969 in LaSalle, Quebec, Canada.  Robert took to art as soon as he was able to hold a crayon, often doodling or drawing for hours. Throughout his childhood, he developed an appreciation for artistic expression and creativity; whether it was building with Lego Blocks, a bird house out of scrap wood, making contraptions with Erector Sets, designing Halloween costumes or just drawing pictures. But it wasn’t until much later in adult life during a chance encounter that the artistic spark would be ignited…..


For the rest of the Tampa Mural story….


Portrait Artist Tampa - Muralist


For the rest of the story…….One day while serving in the military Robert met a service member who painted portraits in oil pastels.  Intrigued he inquired about one as a gift for a family member.  They were quite expensive so when he declined the artist suggested he draw it himself.  Having forgotten his love for art as a child, he responded as most people do; “I can’t even draw a stick figure.”  The artist, on a little scrap of paper gave him a 30 minute lesson on shape and form, shading and value.  From there Robert went back to his barracks room, got a pencil, some copy paper from a printer and began to draw – everything; a box, a cup, a shoe, faces from magazines.  Soon other guys in the barracks started to ask HIM to draw portraits for them and a professional artist was born.  It was at this time that Robert met another military man who also was an accomplished artist; the two hit it off and began a mentor/apprentice relationship.  Through this interaction and books from the local library Robert’s art grew.



A new Mural at O'Brien's Brandon

A new Mural at O’Brien’s Brandon

A piece for the Coast Guard Detachment in St. Pete.

A piece for the Coast Guard Detachment in St. Pete.


Over night the small portraits and occasional small projects turned into massive commercial and corporate jobs starting with South Florida Baptist Hospital; two 20 foot long murals in the new Pediatrics Ward and Emergency Room.


Working on the Pediatrics Ward at South Florida Baptist Hospital

Working on the Pediatrics Ward at South Florida Baptist Hospital

Then each subsequent project got bigger than the last. Now Tampa Murals, INC gets called routinely for projects in the thousands of square feet.  Tampa Murals, INC has become the go to company for large corporate murals and huge logos for commercial and educational institutions.

Robert is now a professional artist full-time running Tampa Murals, INC and Tampa Mural Painter.  Along with larger and larger projects the company has started to grow employing more artists. He lives in Riverview with his family who are also beginning to show signs of the artistic spark.

Robert’s extensive mural art can be seen throughout Tampa Bay and Greater Brandon, Florida.

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