Off-the-Wall Facts About Mural Paintings

Commercial mural painting is a popular way for businesses to stand out among the crowd. Commercial mural painting is certainly not a new idea. As a matter of fact, it dates back thousands of years. Ancient cave paintings crafted by early man are actually murals. There are many interesting facts about murals.

A Rich Impressive History

Commercial mural painting has a long and impressive history. The famous Sistine Chapel ceiling is a mural. There is a litany of famous murals painted around the globe that are both ancient and done in modern times. The famous 20th-century artist Jackson Pollocks' “Mural 1943” used 345 pounds of pain to complete, according to the experts at Guggenheim, where the work has been displayed. While the painting is entitled mural and could easily have been painted on a wall, it was painted on a massive canvas 20 feet wide and 8 feet high.

The New Deal Thought Art Was Important

In 1933, President Roosevelt created the Works Progress Administration that oversaw the painting of murals on public buildings to ensure that everyone had access to art. In San Francisco there are over 1000 murals in the Mission District neighborhood. In the United States, every city has murals and you can even find them on tobacco barns in North Carolina, Cameron, North Carolina specifically.

Art or Decoration?

Murals can serve two purposes. They can be decorative or they can be art. The type of mural will determine the cost of the mural. The cost can range from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cost largely depends on what the subject of the mural is, the ability of the artist, and whether the mural is decorative, fine art, or left to the artist's discretion.

Some of the Biggest Influences

Most murals (art type) have meaning. For example, there are six unique categories that most art-inspired murals will fall under, including:

Murals can convey messages or they can have no message at all other than to be strictly for enjoyment by the eye of the beholder. Murals are powerful works of art whether they are decorative or delivering a message.

Attention Getting

Commercial murals are attention-getters. Murals turn a drab building into a unique work of art that is hard to forget. Murals help people from all walks of life to enjoy art. Learn more about how you can transform your commercial space into something that is simply unforgettable -- call us today!

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Our works range from just a few feet to thousands of square feet. (See the roof of the amphitheater at the USF Marshall Center)


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