Benefits of Commercial Mural Painting Services

It doesn't take 250,000 square feet for a mural to have a positive impact, which according to the Guinness Book of World Records is the largest scope of any mural ever made. Commercial mural painting services can increase efficiency and satisfaction in businesses and communities. There is virtually no business that would not benefit from this kind of artwork. Here are three benefits commercial mural painters can provide.


Adding a flare of color, a landscape painting, or an abstract piece of artwork in an office or outside a small business can change the way people come to work. Viewing art on the way to work can engage your mind more than, say, plain brick or drywall would. Art can increase creativity in the workplace and therefore creativity as well. Furthermore, a shared piece of art can foster relationships and communication between coworkers who form similar or differing opinions about the piece.


Mural painting companies have a wide scope of potential audiences. Restaurant murals can take infinite forms depending on the theme and fanciness of the restaurant, and yet so can doctor office mural paintings. Whatever you see in a restaurant will likely differ from what you see at the orthodontist or pediatrician, but both styles of art serve the same purpose. This type of artwork has the ability to supplement the environment in which it is displayed with a sense of intention, hard work, and dedication to the establishment's target demographic. Commercial mural painting services can make diners feel the restaurant's hospitality and children feel more at ease at a medical checkup.


Contracting commercial painters supports the community. With all of the local businesses and storefronts in Tampa, Florida, there are plenty of opportunities to provide work for local artists. Murals are perfect for indoor office spaces and conference rooms, but there are additional benefits to putting up artwork where the public can see it. Bringing people together is a testament to art, and commercial mural painting services can do just that.

Contact us today for more information about our mural painting company. Not only will your employees benefit, but your customers, patients, and clients will as well!

These are just some of the hundreds of paintings and commercial murals we have done in the central Florida and Tampa areas. Please take a moment to get more information on our Portfolio page.


We pride ourselves on being able to take any image or idea and transform that into works of art for our clients. We produce a number of larger works.  Tampa Murals INC started as a portrait artist company. We still produce portraits and smaller works on commission.

We can paint wall murals for a children’s room or an entire side of a warehouse. We also paint restaurant murals FL consumers can't stop looking at! We have completed literally hundreds of paintings. We have corporate, institutional, educational, and residential clients in or around Tampa, FL.

Our works range from just a few feet to thousands of square feet. (See the roof of the amphitheater at the USF Marshall Center)


Tampa Murals INC is an industry-leading company based in Tampa, Florida and servicing Central Florida. We specialize in providing superior services.

Founded in 1999, Tampa Mural Painter and Tampa Murals INC has demonstrated a commitment to delivering best-in-class customer support.

Since 2013 we have become the “go-to” for corporate logo painting. We have recently completed large scale murals for residential, huge corporate murals, and logos. We also work on commissioned canvases.

At Tampa Mural Painter, we stand for a lot more than just great customer service. We have the services to back it up. Although we specialize in Wall Murals, we have a number of other services we provide. Like we've said before, we create office and restaurant murals FL residents love!

We use only the finest paints and products from Winsor Newton, Golden, Behr,  and Andek Performance Coatings for our wall murals. If you would like more information, please check out our blog.

Additionally check out the Portfolio page, Facebook and contact page.

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