Transforming blank walls into stories!

Tampa, Florida, is a city with a rich tapestry of history, culture, and a vibrant community. Amidst its bustling streets and evolving skyline, one company stands proud, armed with paintbrushes and a vision to transform blank walls into living stories. Tampa Murals, INC., is not just a mural painting company; it's a key player in the city's artistic revolution.


The Blank Canvas Beckons

Every wall tells a story waiting to be written, a narrative eager to unfold. Tampa Murals, INC. steps into this realm of possibilities, seeing beyond the blankness of walls and envisioning the potential for artistic expression. Our team of skilled artists approaches each project with a passion for storytelling, aiming to capture the essence of Tampa’s diverse identity.



A Symphony of Colors and Cultures

Tampa is a melting pot of cultures, a city where diversity weaves its way through the streets. Our murals mirror this mosaic, drawing inspiration from the city's history, nature, and the myriad of communities that call Tampa home. From the vivid hues of the sunset over Tampa Bay to the intricate patterns reflecting the city's Hispanic heritage, each mural is a celebration of the stories that shape us.


More Than Paint on Walls

We believe in more than just painting walls; we believe in creating experiences. Our murals are designed to evoke emotions, spark conversations, and leave a lasting imprint on the minds of those who encounter them. Whether it's a mural adorning a corporate office, a community center, or a residential space, each stroke of the brush contributes to the narrative of Tampa’s artistic evolution.


Proud Participants in Tampa's Artistic Revolution

Tampa Murals, INC. takes pride in being an active participant in the city's artistic revolution. As the skyline transforms, so do the stories on its walls. We collaborate with local businesses, communities, and visionaries to bring these stories to life, ensuring that each mural is a testament to Tampa's cultural richness and creative spirit.


Inviting You to Join the Journey

As we continue to embark on this journey of artistic transformation, we invite you to be a part of it. Explore the city and discover the murals that adorn its walls – each one telling a unique story, contributing to the collective narrative of Tampa’s vibrant community.

Whether you're a business owner looking to enhance your space, a resident wanting to add a touch of creativity to your home, or an art enthusiast seeking inspiration, Tampa Murals, INC. is here to collaborate and turn your vision into a visual masterpiece.

Join us in transforming blank walls into stories, and let’s together continue Tampa's artistic revolution—one mural at a time.

These are just some of the hundreds of paintings and commercial murals we have done in the central Florida and Tampa areas. Please take a moment to get more information on our Portfolio page.


We pride ourselves on being able to take any image or idea and transform that into works of art for our clients. We produce a number of larger works.  Tampa Murals INC started as a portrait artist company. We still produce portraits and smaller works on commission.

We can paint wall murals for a children’s room or an entire side of a warehouse. We also paint restaurant murals FL consumers can't stop looking at! We have completed literally hundreds of paintings. We have corporate, institutional, educational, and residential clients in or around Tampa, FL.

Our works range from just a few feet to thousands of square feet. (See the roof of the amphitheater at the USF Marshall Center)


Tampa Murals INC is an industry-leading company based in Tampa, Florida and servicing Central Florida. We specialize in providing superior services.

Founded in 1999, Tampa Mural Painter and Tampa Murals INC has demonstrated a commitment to delivering best-in-class customer support.

Since 2013 we have become the “go-to” for corporate logo painting. We have recently completed large scale murals for residential, huge corporate murals, and logos. We also work on commissioned canvases.

At Tampa Mural Painter, we stand for a lot more than just great customer service. We have the services to back it up. Although we specialize in Wall Murals, we have a number of other services we provide. Like we've said before, we create office and restaurant murals FL residents love!

We use only the finest paints and products from Winsor Newton, Golden, Behr,  and Andek Performance Coatings for our wall murals. If you would like more information, please check out our blog.

Additionally check out the Portfolio page, Facebook and contact page.

If you can imagine it… we can create it!

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