Our urban landscapes can be mighty bleak. Even with community planners pretending to care about such things as green spaces, unobstructed views, and aesthetic approach, more times than not, it’s just one slab of steel and concrete crammed next to another.Sure, there’s the occasional park and public accommodation, but for the most part, our streets are unfriendly and unattractive. That’s why art is so important. Even the errant graffiti adds life where none exists, perking up the plain and the industrial like a signature on the inside of a well-worn book.In the gallery below, you will see several examples of the idea taken to its natural ends. In this case, the artists have used the surroundings as their canvas, creating unique works which do more than merely blend into the scenery. Instead, they add to and accent, turning the drab and dreary into the dynamic.It takes a special kind of eye to transform a concrete pillar into a hand holding up a highway, but that’s why such creative strokes are needed. They remind us of the individual, instead of the uniform and mundane.Check these out:

Source: Making The Mundane Magical: These Amazing Works Of Street Art Will Blow Your Mind

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