Family Tree Mural!!

I finished this family tree mural a few months ago and realized that I mentioned it in the blog but hadn’t really mentioned it on the website.  Coincidentally I have received three inquiries lately about family tree murals so thought it might be a good idea to write something about it.

Family Tree


This tree approximately 20′ long and 9 ‘ high Acrylic and latex on drywall.  It is the focal point of the family room and was a very fun project because the whole family got involved to help paint.  All the kids and even the dogs got paint on them!  Victoria hot glued all the frames with twine and hung all the pictures.

Family Tree Mural

Adding Details

Family Tree Mural

Prepping the wall










I hadn’t realized how popular this would be, so if you know of anyone who has been thinking of something like this, please pass us along.  We won’t bring the family or dogs but we will add a great mural for your home; something that everyone will be talking about.

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