Tampa Bay Rays Logo in South Tampa – Tampa Mural Painter has started another mural!

Tampa Bay Rays Logo.  We have started another new project; a Tampa Bay Rays Logo for the Palma Ceia Little League on South Himes in Tampa.  The clients are doing major renovations and one of the largest supporters are the Tampa Bay Rays, so they wanted to have the Tampa Bay Rays Logo painted on their dugout to show their appreciation.

This is the preliminary sketch and first coat of latex. We started with a tape outline and some reference marks, then started the layout in a medium blue base coat.  The next step will be to clean up the edges and add to official Tampa Bay Rays colors.  Two coats of official Tampa Bay Rays logo colors and some small details and this project should be done just in time.  Total time on this project will be about 8 hours.  The wall is 10’x5′ high and painted with exterior latex and artist acrylics.  The last step will be a clear coat protectant similar to a concrete floor sealer. We specialize in large scale murals and logo design for both residential and commercial clients.  We can do everything from a complete mural scene on the side of a building to small decorative accents in your kitchen.  Check out www.tampamurals.com for more examples of the work we have done.


Next week we will be back out at Laser Spine Institute to continue their very large project on the entire call center.


Again, for more information on having a mural done check out the rest of the website at www.tampamurals.com or call 813-758-5853.


Rays Logo for Palma Ceia Little League.

Tampa Bay Rays Logo