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Tampa Murals New Project Starts Today


Tampa Murals will be starting a new Project today!  Laser Spine Institute has called us again to continue adding murals and decorating their Tampa offices.  We will be adding a mural of a florida sunset, another of their Corporate Core Values and a white board for their employees to write messages, thoughts and ideas.

This has been a great relationship for Tampa Murals, INC.  We started last year just adding various Corporate Core Values to there sales call center walls.  These were images of what they want their associates to remember throughout their day.

Tampa Murals New Project

We painted them at various places around the call center to add some color, fun and to remind them of the mission at Laser Spine Institute.  After that they just have wanted more and more.  We have painted all over both of their tower office buildings on Rocky Pointe.

The first part today will be for an office that doesn’t have windows so we will be painting a florida seascape bordered by plantation shutters.  Something like this personal piece we did last year.  We will add palm trees and shutters to give it s amore three dimensional look as well.

Tampa Murals New Project

Next week we will be back at Taqueria Dona Maria in Valrico Florida to add some new details and signage to the restaurant.  Just a few small things.  If you haven’t been there please go.  The food, the owners/employees and of course the murals are great!

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