Tampa Murals recently completed a new mural at the Hillsborough County Tax Office.  The Tax Office Mural was a complex design as the client wanted numerous different concepts in one large painting.  We designed a panoramic of various Tampa area themes and painted them on 8’x4′ panels.  Then installed the panels directly onto the walls and finished the details on site.  This mural was installed at the new facility on Falkenburg road.


The entire piece is 32’x8′.

 Tax Office Mural



Tax Office Mural Tax Office Mural


Tax Office Mural




We pride ourselves on being able to take any image or idea and transform that into works of art for our clients. We have completed literally hundreds of paintings and murals for corporate, institutional, educational and residential clients. Or works range from just a few feet to thousands of square feet (see the roof of the new amphitheater at the USF Marshall Center).

We can paint small decorative pieces or entire walls and even entire roofs. Some of our work can be seen here and include faux finishes, decorative art, hand lettering, design, LOGO design, corporate logos, children’s rooms, fine art painting, portraits, landscapes and conceptual pieces.

Large Scale Murals measuring larger than 5’x5’ to virtually any size, usually on exterior walls. We can use everything from artist acrylics to two part epoxies and industrial coatings. We paint with everything from artist brushes to spray rigs.  These are clear coated with a UV protection.

Smaller murals usually measuring less than 5’x5’ and mostly on interior spaces.  We normally will paint these with artist acrylics and exterior latex paint.  Completely washable with latex clear coat.

Our Faux finishes can be everything from a simple stone finish to realistic brick, rocks, stone, bamboo, wood even metallic looks.

Trompe-l’œil is an art technique involving realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions. Three dimensional windows, drapery, etc are good examples.

We can be commissioned to paint large and small pieces usually on canvas and framed to be hung in either residential or commercial spaces.

Tampa Mural Painter actually stared years ago as a commissioned portrait painter.  We can do everything from pet portraits, head shots to entire family portraits.  These are almost always painted in artist oils on archival canvas.

Usually logo and lettering from small quotes on walls to huge logo’s and signs the largest to date is the USF BULLS logo on the roof of the Marshall Center Amphitheater which measures nearly 1500 square feet.