Window with a view.


Here is a little project we did down in Sarasota some weeks back.  This client had a privacy wall just outside their bath and wanted a Window with a view scene.  They had a piece of art that they liked that was similar.  As an added touch I asked what their favorite wine was and incorporated a bottle as well.


4’x6′ Artist Acrylic and latex over stucco.





 Window with a view


Have a wall that needs a new look?  Call us today and we too can give you a window with a view.

We pride ourselves on being able to take any image and transform it into works of art.  We have completed literally hundreds of paintings and murals. Our clients are corporate, institutional, educational and residential. Our works range from just a few feet to thousands of square feet.

(See the roof of the amphitheater at the USF Marshall Center).

We can paint small decorative pieces or entire walls and even entire roofs. Some of our work can be seen here and include:  faux finishes, decorative art, hand lettering, design, LOGO design, corporate logos, children’s rooms, fine art painting, portraits, landscapes and conceptual pieces.

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